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There are so many systems out there to help with digital marketing. Content management, customer relationship management, social media management, email management, the list goes on.

Here is an exhaustive list of the systems our lead digital marketing expert has used during their career. This is the amount of systems that just one professional has used while working for businesses, not during agency work.


Systems we have experience with

1. WordPress (Content Management System)
2. Drupal (CMS)
3. Kentico (CMS)
4. Umbraco (CMS)
5. Wix (CMS)
6. Moonfruit (CMS)

7. Google Sites (CMS)
8. Dreamweaver (offline CMS)
9. Magento (as eCommerce and as a CMS)
10. OpenCart (as eCommerce and as a CMS)
11. Custom-built eCommerce app

12. Google Analytics (tracking traffic/ conversions)
13. Google Adwords (PPC builder)
14. Jotform (formbuilder)
15. EventBrite (event organiser)
16. Office (excel, word, PP etc)

17. SAP (CRM)
18. Salesforce (CRM)
19. Netsuite (CRM)
20. Sugar (CRM)
21. PowerBI (CRM)
22. Clarity Pro (CRM)

23. FacebookForBusiness (SM)
24. Hootsuite (SM)
25. Sprout Social (SM)
26. SEMrush (SEO and SM)
27. MOZ (SEO)

28. Adobe Creative Cloud- every iteration since CS4 (design)
29. GIMP (design)
30. HubSpot (full marketing software)
31. Clarity Go (email builder)
32. Dotmailer (email builder)

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One business won’t need all of these systems. When it comes down to it you can actually use one for just about everything. HubSpot can work as a CMS, CRM, SM manager, SEO tool, email builder, form builder, event builder and more. It’s not the perfect tool for each action, but it does the job well enough for most. However, it’s comparatively expensive as a CMS so not viable for small businesses.

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Ignoring Hubspot, the systems you will need to effectively run marketing are:

1. A CMS to build your website. (Most CMS platforms can and do offer all domain, hosting and security as part of the package too) – it doesn’t really matter which one, so go for the best price (probably WordPress)
2. A CRM for your data/ interactions – again, it doesn’t really matter which one, so go for the best price
3. Google Adwords for building PPC campaigns/ Google Analytics for tracking channel progress
4. An emailer/ form builder
5. Design software to create graphics
6. Office to create documents

How Magellan can help

Assessing which systems are currently being used, and for what purposes is a tricky task, but one worth doing. Amalgamating and reducing systems can usually reduce cost drastically whilst improving performance and making life easier for your marketeers.

Are your systems working as hard as you need them to?

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