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When you’re researching services it’s important that they meet your requirements. We’re confident in the services we offer and that they can meet the requirements for any organisation. 

The below packages are guides of the many services we offer, these packages can be completely tailored to your needs. We know pricing can be a huge factor when making a decision this is why we offer these services completely tailored to your needs and budget. No tricks, nothing unexpected. What you see is what you get. 

We Listen, We Advise, You Choose!

Magellan Discovery session

Digital marketing review/ documents

Magellan will do a full review of your company’s digital landscape and highlight steps to reinforce areas of strength and improve areas which need attention. 

  • Exhaustive review of digital landscape including websites and social spaces
  • Document highlighting strengths and areas for improvement
  • Eight unique strategy and resource documents including: SEO strategy, email strategy, social media strategy, content plan (with first month filled out), PPC plan example, PR audit list, system audit list, and brand guideline document.

Magellan Wayfinder service

Digital marketing management consultancy

Based on the size and needs of your organisation you might not need a full-time digital marketing leader. Magellan can work on a consultancy basis to provide digital management as a service.

  • Management style review of ongoing work and resource
  • Running analytics for all channels and filling out accessible reports
  • Filling in content plan for month and ensuring content targets are met
  • Check progress on any advancements to strategy
  • Address any issues which come up.

Magellan Pioneer service

Any/ all digital marketing elements

Magellan will build and run campaigns on customer’s behalf. No one set of marketing needs are ever the same so below is an exhaustive list of each component in which we can offer support.

■ Management ■ PPC ■ SEO ■ Design ■ Content ■ Editing ■ Website development ■ App development ■ Webstores ■ Website work- building, domain, hosting, security ■ Emails/ Eshots ■ Forms and data collection ■ Data management ■ Social media ■ Strategy ■ Telemarketing ■ Video production. 

For pricing we have packaged the most popular services which correlate to one another and detailed each one below, here are the prices. 

Pioneer silver package

  • Reporting structure
  • Data review
  • Resource/ system overview
  • Basic management.

Pioneer gold package

  • Everything from the silver package
  • PPC work
  • SEO work
  • Content work.

Pioneer platinum package

  • Everything from silver and gold packages
  • Social media management
  • Web editing work
  • Strategy.

All services offered will have full Return on Investment reporting for transparency in how we help.

Package offers and discounts on Magellan’s print, packaging and merchandise services are available to users of Digital Marketing as a Service upon negotiation. Cancellation period for rolling services is 60 days standard.

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Absurd value

Our digital marketing lead has worked with many different companies across a multitude of sectors. He has worked with industry leaders to develop these process documents and best-practise strategies over a decade, always updating them as the game changes and evolves.

“When you start at a company as a marketing lead, these things are never in place.

“On the rare occasions that they are, it usually turns out to be even worse as they’ll be old or antiquated. I’ve been there and learnt a lot when companies bring in digital directors to get strategies and processes in order; they’re brilliant but it costs a fortune and it takes months to do. If I’d had these best-practise documents put in front of me to follow when I first started out it would have been incredible. It would have saved me hundreds of hours and a lot of companies a lot of money!”

It doesn’t matter which industry or the size of the organisation, there’s a pattern. The reporting process will be messy, the data can be shambolic, systems are awkward and clunky, and your resource will be random and confusing. Addressing these issues will be the first thing a digital director focuses on when they come in. The reason for this is to provide a good solid base to work from moving forward. These areas are what comprise our first of three levels (silver, gold, and platinum) of our ‘Pioneer’ service.

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