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We partner with SEMrush and Google to run websites through detailed SEO reports providing clear and concise points of action. These actions include content health and SEO techniques which help your webpages perform better, load faster and improve visibility to search engines. Coupled with a clear back-linking strategy these methods will drive more and more visitors to your online presence.

Page content health

There are a number of ways to optimise your content for search engines. SEO is actually just one of four main areas we focus on to make sure your digital content has perfect organic performance.

Tone of voice

Tone of voice is how you say your message. Your choice of words, rhythm, order and pace are important factors in building trust and setting you apart from competitors. The best tone of voice depends on your customers, your message and your brand but whether your content is super casual or extremely formal it’s always best to aim for consistency.


Readability is how easily your text can be understood. This is another balancing act. Low word, sentence, syllable and word counts will make your content seem too simple while overuse of these elements can make it too tricky to read well. Splitting content in to bite size chunks with easy to understand titles will always help in this area.


Search engines like original content. The indexing algorithms are on the look out for well-written unique text which help users gain the information and services they have searched for. Quoting other content and well-indexed sources with canonical tags will also help your SEO, as long as you give credit where it’s due and say where it’s from.  


At the heart of SEO are the keywords and phrases you want to be known for. The keyword research which is the first step in great PPC management is applicable here in exactly the same way. Other work for SEO includes image optimisation, alt tags, correct link sources, clean code and meta data. All of these factors help search engines find your content.

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SEO isn’t black magic, it’s procedure and back-linking

Using other content as inspiration or quoting other sources is perfectly fine to do, just make sure to link where things come from. If one of your partners puts out a press release then it’s OK to post and promote it on your channels, just let users know where it came from. Search engines love this. They associate you with the other company, the other company with you, and it heightens the authority in the subject area for both.

Some of the best back-linking work you can do is to create or bolster your partner pages and case studies. Work with a big name partner? Make a page detailing how and link through to their site. Have a customer for whom you did some great work? Shout about it and link through to their site. Google expects to see this. Users expect to see this. If you can get this right you’ll see the benefits very quickly.

There are also gains to be made when working with journalists and publications. If your business or leaders are quoted in papers, magazines or television as experts in your field then you can expect a huge boost to SEO authority and traffic.

We go into this and all of these other SEO areas in our strategy document.

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